Friday, October 23, 2009

Avoiding Con Artists

In this country, there are disgusting individuals who seek out something or someone week and take advantage of them completely. One way that con artists make their money is by figuring out loopholes so that they can sue commercial businesses. If you own a commercial property management business, no doubt your systems are so airtight that this could never happen. However, if you decide to do the business yourself, you could forget one little thing that leaves you vulnerable to irrational people who are lawsuit happy. This can be a nightmare especially if they sue your tenant and then
the courts allow them to recoup losses from the property owner for allowing that tenant to be there in the first place.

Keeping Away From The Courthouse

A person who chooses not to use a commercial property management business to run their commercial property may in fact do just fine. That is, until, they get sued. All of a sudden, they’re starting to see how a middleman is important. Primarily, a middleman is a buffer between them and the tenant. When lawsuits occur, the settlement will come out of the private owner directly. If they had been working with a commercial business management company, the insurance covered by that company would have taken care of the problem. Without that, the property owners held liable directly.
A Breakdown Of Commercial Management Fees

We all know the saying "time is money." However, some property owners don’t realize that they are selling themselves short by working themselves to death to basically make $9.00 an hour. This is, in fact, one of the first things that a property owner realizes when they get rid of their commercial property management business. They find themselves running around to do a bunch of little tasks and wasting all of their time. If you give them a breakdown of all the activities needed to run their business in the price tag associated with them, they soon learn that this is not something they want to do.

Why Commercial Property Management Companies Are Great Way To Save Money

Most of the time, a commercial property owner came to you because they didn’t have the time to effectively run this business themselves. However, if their time is suddenly freed up, they can get the wrong idea and think that they’re perfect for
running the property themselves. They don’t know that they have been saving money by buying services in bulk from a company who is very effective and efficient at doing this. They know that they’re getting cleaning services and so they think that
it is as simple as hiring a cleaning service for themselves. However, they do not realize that you most likely have one set of employees that are paid one base rate to go around in clean all of the properties. They don’t realize by sharing services
amongst all the other tenants that a commercial property management business services that they are saving a considerable amount of capital.

Opposition to Commercial Property Management

Any time that someone spends money, they are skeptical. If there is any indication that they are losing money that they should not be, a customer will become dissatisfied. This also affects the commercial property management world. However,
there are many disadvantages for your customers to discontinue their service with you. For example:

• How much time the owner has to spend
• How choosing not to lease someone can be seen as a reason to take legal action
• Having all of the tools needed such as background checks, credit checks, and eviction forms
• The cost of staff not being cost effective